Spinshot Pro tennis serving machine details

The Spinshot Pro tennis ball serving machine with battery has a total weight of 20kg. It is easy to handle and transport, even for its massive design. Thanks to its appropriately sized wheels, it can be pulled out onto any court surface without any obstacles.

Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Dispenser

The Spinshot Pro model is capable of ball speeds from 30km/h up to 120km/h.

Ball delivery interval:
You can set the frequency of the ball between 2 and 10 seconds.

Trajectory Control:
The control of the football field can be set on the control panel on the side of the machine.

Bounced/Shot balls:
The angle of the ball spin/fall can be adjusted electronically. Here you can practise preparing to receive balls that have been spun or cut.

Spinshot Pro Tennis serving machine

Random oscillator mode sends balls to different points on the court. This requires constant readiness and explosiveness from the player to practice different match situations.

The battery of the Spinshot Pro dispenser provides 2-3 hours of playing time. A smart battery charger is included in the package. Thanks to its special design, the optional mains adapter is easy to install and allows operation from a mains power supply.

Ball capacity:
More than 120 tennis balls

Remote control:
2 button remote control