Spinshot Plus tennis serving machine details

The Spinshot Plus tennis ball serving machine has a total weight of 21kg including battery. It is easy to handle and transport, even for its massive design. Thanks to its appropriately sized wheels, it can be pulled out onto any court surface without any obstacles.

Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Dispenser

Easy Settings:
Before using the dishwasher, all settings can be easily made on the control panel with LCD display. The ball speed and time interval values can also be easily edited. Separate values for height and spin levels can also be set on the digital display.

Oscillation Modes:

The Spinshot Plus is programmed with 5 different oscillation modes. Settings are easy to make via the control panel, so you can easily play your most versatile workout programs.
- Random horizontal oscillation
- 2-line horizontal oscillation
- Vertical Oscillation
- Random Horizontal and Vertical Oscillation
- 2-line horizontal and vertical oscillation

Oscillatory Programming:
The Spinshot Plus model allows you to program the exercises you want by setting different oscillation parameters. The h1-h2 values define the vertical oscillation, while the w1-w2 values define the width of the 2-line oscillation. Spinning, speed and ball launches can thus be programmed in different oscillation modes.

Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Dispenser Smart Phone Control

The battery of the Spinshot Plus provides 2-3 hours of playtime. A smart battery charger is also included. Thanks to its special design, it is easy to install the optional mains adapter, which allows operation from a mains power supply.

Ball capacity:
More than 120 tennis balls

Remote control:
2 button remote control

Remote control:
Full smartphone remote control support. Click Here for the app.