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Premium Model from Spinshot!

With full smartphone control and smartwatch support.

The Spinshot Player tennis ball serving machine with battery has a total weight of 22kg. It is easy to handle and transport, even for its massive design. Thanks to its appropriately sized wheels, it can be pulled out onto any court surface without any obstacles.


spinshot player tennis ball serving machine high spin

Professional tennis serving machine direct from the manufacturer

Customizable training programmes:
Your smartphone lets you personalise your training programmes. Height, direction, spin, snatch, power. 6 customisable punch shapes in 12 programs with the most refined precision. Easy programming lets you create any match situation. Combined horizontal and vertical oscillation settings open up a world of possibilities. You can save each training program separately to your phone, which is also available next time.
You can even edit your training programmes at home.

Easy Settings on your phone:
Full smartphone support makes it easy to download the app for Android or iPhone. The iPhone app is downloaded from the Apple Store.

Android app download

Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Adogatogep Smartphone Vezerlessel app

Smartwatch Control Support:
Control your workout easily with your wristwatch!


The battery of the Spinshot Player provides 2-3 hours of playtime. A smart battery charger is included. The special design makes it easy to install the optional mains adapter, which allows operation from mains power.

Ball capacity:
More than 120 tennis balls

How to choose a tennis serving machine for your training sessions!

The Spinshot Tennis Ball Dispenser is the best companion for the perfect relaxation and improvement of your game.

Now a Bestseller on Amazon.com! Fully programmable tennis serve machine, 120 ball capacity in a single load, easy transport thanks to wheels, free remote control operated from your phone, free download from the Play Store or Apple Store. Flexible power supply options, allowing you to play for hours without having to run around cables, for example, with a single charge of the machine's battery. With smart clock remote control and stable WIFI connectivity, all you need to do is focus on your game or workout. All these features make the Spinshot Player the best tennis ball machine in the world.    

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 The first tennis serving machine with fully customisable programming.  

      The revolutionary design means you can tailor the programmes to your needs, always according to your current goals. It also allows you to program spin, elevation, direction, or spin and speed, so you can customise each of the 6 consecutive shots and then save these personal settings. So next time, in seconds, with the touch of a button, you can pick up your workout where you left off last time.

The machine also comes with 12 preset Programmes to give you a complete choice. Each of these programs can be customised to suit your own game, or you can create your own. A free app is provided for your mobile phone, for easy setup and control. An optional clock is also available for even more practical and faster control of the machine for better handling.      

Easy to carry and store      

The square design and flexible wheels make the machine easy to carry and store. When the ball holder is folded down, the machine is only 18″x12″x20″ and weighs only 18 kg. Easy to store and transport in the trunk of any car. The clean design provides a durable finish for our uniquely professional machines. There are several ways to control the machine . It can also be controlled via the front panel on the side of the machine. Just press the D button to start your favourite exercises. Everything can be programmed for quick use.    

The Spinshot Player is the first tennis ball dispenser to offer a free Phone Remote App.

Android phone and iPhone support are both available, so the default preset exercises will be easy to manage. The one-button "watch" remote control makes it easy to control the machine and therefore use it. A short click of the button selects the number of programmes you want to do, which equals the number of clicks. A long press will stop or start the machine.


The Spinshot Player is the world's most advanced battery-powered portable tennis serving machine.

The revolutionary design lets you customise your exercises. You can set the program height, direction, spin and speed for each of 6 consecutive shots, then save it as one of your personalized programs. Easy programming: you can create 2 sets of settings in any width and height. Programmable vertical vibration combined with horizontal oscillation, or any vibration mode you want to play with. All of these can be pre-set on your phone and saved to your computer. So the next time you use the machine, you can just press x and start playing.

The Player Model is designed to be incredibly user-friendly and can be managed by even the youngest players. 

The machine measures 50 cm (H), 45 cm (L), 30 cm (W) and weighs 19 kg. It is lighter and more compact than any other tennis ball dispenser with similar features currently on the market. Intelligent battery charger, which is an optional extra power module available as an optional part of the machine. The user can even download a free iPhone app from the Apple Store and try the app before ordering the machine.         

Spinshot is a global business that provides tennis enthusiasts with affordable and high quality tennis ball serving machines at the best quality at affordable prices. Our goal is to provide every player, regardless of skill level or technical ability, with the best companion for the game. With Spinshot you can improve your game at any time, without the help of a training partner or coaches. It is the ideal partner, independent of time and place, because you can take it with you and practice wherever your energy and mood allows.