Professional Tennis Ball Machines with Full Smartphone Control. Programmable tennis drills from Spinshot

For beginners to professionals, Coaches, Clubs.
12 Programs, 6 customizable strokes within each program: basic strokes, direction, power, spin, cut, height, lift, drop, serve Time interval.
All strokes and workout programs can be customised and uploaded to the machine via the built-in WiFi.
Depending on the individual, everyone can edit their training programme on their smartphone. This way, they can play it on their computer for the next training session.
Practice match situations.
Available in both battery and mains versions.


Spinshot Player és Plus 2 Teniszlabda Adogatógép

Magyarországi szakszervíz és magyar nyelvű 24/7 telefonos ügyfélszolgálat!


Spinshot Player és Plus 2 tenisz adogatógépek


With programmable training programmes


There are many reasons to choose Spinshot:

- Easy to transport and practical!
- You can buy directly from the manufacturer! This guarantees competitive prices.
- The best tennis training to improve your skills!
- With spin and shot selection, Spinshot products will quickly improve your tennis skills.
- No Tennis partner? No problem!
- It's always at your disposal!
- The serving machine is ready to be your best training partner anywhere, anytime.

Tennis is a sport for life!

Recommended for all ages!

Unique 2 year warranty!

Felveszem a kapcsolatot!

Böngéssz termékeink között!

Kérdésed van? Keress minket bizalommal, vagy kérj visszahívást az alsó sarokban lévő gomb segítségével!

Spinshot tenisz adogatógépek

Rendelés közvetlenül az EU-s raktárkészletről! Szállítás 3-5 munkanap!

Magyarországi szakszervíz és magyar nyelvű 24/7 telefonos ügyfélszolgálat!

Our products are now available with local service centres in both Europe and Australia. We offer you 4 models of our dishwashers:



Spinshot Player

Spinshot Plus-2

The Lite model is recommended for beginners and young players. Its ease of use and simple control panel make it easy to train with.

The Pro model has a higher available ball speed and features customizable shot height, spin and oscillation settings.

With the Plus model's advanced setup options, you can make your training programmes even more sophisticated.

The Player model offers full smartphone (IOS and Android support via built-in Wi-Fi) and smartwatch (optional) support, so you can even control it from your watch while you train.


Tennis Ball Serving Machine Comparison Chart